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Kone Marketing is an international team of specialists in the marketing field, centrally managed from Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

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Kone Marketing is a digital agency founded in 2010 by Dan Egan and Ray Curran. We use a distributed team model that allows us to unite talented individuals from around the world to collaborate on projects. We are a customer-driven company and pride ourselves on providing our clients with white glove service every step of the way.

The people who work on our team are specialists at their trade. This means every individual aspect of a project, from design to copy, is handled by someone who has dedicated their time to understanding the intricacies of their craft. We bring these people together in a spirit of collaboration to create thoroughly planned and well executed end-products that deliver on stated goals.

The clients who use our services need more than drive-thru solutions. They need long-term partners who not only can provide the tools, but can help implement and use them to maximum effectiveness. We are Kone Marketing and this is what we do.

Dan Egan

Dan Egan

My relationship with the online world is one of love at first site. I've been creating websites for over 15 years and help manage our project teams so they can do what they do best.

Ray Curran

Ray Curran

I've spent the last 12 years honing my craft in sales and marketing. At Kone Marketing, I work directly with clients to help define worthwhile project goals that our team can help achieve.


We specialize in providing fully integrated marketing services:


For better or worse, design can communicate a lot about your brand. Good design takes into account not only the aesthetics of the brand but also the expectations of your target demographic. Our designers consult and collaborate with you to create a first impression that truly represents your brand.


Just like in traditional architecture, the foundation and framework of a website determines the integrity of the whole structure. Our team of developers have the experience and diversity of talent to select and build on the platform that best suits your needs, including WordPress, Google Apps, Shopify and more.


The value of any marketing initiative is in the people who see it. Our team handles all of the technical aspects of making your online marketing efforts readily available to potential customers. Our deployment services include domain registration, hosting, pre-launch testing, search engine optimization and more.


Kone Marketing can regularly monitor key performance indicators such as search rankings, traffic flows, conversions rates and real-time campaign results that inform us about what's working, what's not and where we can improve to best take advantage of opportunities as they emerge.


Too often brands take a "set it and forget it" approach while their online presence slowly decays into irrelevance. Kone Marketing offers a host of support service such as regular maintenance updates, daily backups and fresh content updates that allow you to keep your website at peak performance.

Kone's marketing has transformed our business and our business results. New business and tenants now come to us as a derivative from Kone Marketing's implementation of a simple, efficient marketing system.

- Drew White Brodylan White Property Management


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You are simply the best. Thank You.

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There is only one way to know for sure if our team is right for you.

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