3.5 Easy Ways Social Media Can Help Your Business

There are free tools available that can help your business attract customers that would never have found you otherwise. We’re talking about social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter. Here are 3.5 easy ways you can easily start using these tools to your advantage.

1.) Create a forum to communicate with customers – Your customers are using social media and you should be too. It provides an outlet for you to find out what your customers want, keep them up to date on promotions and creates a buzz about your business.

1.5) By actively engaging your customers you’re also demonstrating to potential clients that you value their business and are willing to listen.

2.) Make it easy to refer your business – with social media platforms like Facebook your customers can refer your business to all their friends with the push of a single button. Considering most people have friends totalling into the hundreds or more, you’re talking about thousands of personal recommendations for your business.

3.) Search engine optimization (SEO) – Search engine optimization basically refers to how relevant your website is on search engines (such as Google) based on the keywords that were searched for. Having social media tools can not only improve your ranking on search engines but it can also provide multiple ways for customers to find you.

These tools are just the beginning but they are more than enough reason to consider implementing social media into your marketing strategy. Kone Marketing can show you how to select the best platforms for your business and also how to get the biggest impact from your efforts. Call today for a free consultation and join the revolution.

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