3 Easy Ways to Use Copywriting to Get Your Customer’s Attention

We’ve already discussed what copywriting is and the impact it can have on your business in a previous post. Now we’re going to discuss 3 quick and easy ways to write copy that interests your customers.

Communicate in terms of your customer’s interest – this means putting yourself in the shoes of your customer and thinking about how your business can truly help them. Instead of saying, “we’re open 24 hours a day”, try something like, “You can take your time because we’re here when you need us 24 hours a day”. It’s not perfect (no copy is) but it demonstrates that you pay attention to the needs of your customer instead of just talking about yourself.

Communicate directly with your customer – The “come one, come all” approach works great for carnival games but not as well for advertising your business. When writing copy for your business try to imagine you’re speaking directly to your ideal customer one on one. This makes the reader assume the message was crafted specifically for them.

Try to Use “You” and “Your” more than “I”,”We” and “Our” – This is an easy trick you can use to compliment the first two tips. After you’ve written your copy, go back and try to translate statements that talk about yourself into statements that talk about your customer. For example, instead of saying “we have the best service in town”, try something like “you get the best service in town.” It’s a very simple difference but it completely changes to dynamic of the statement to the reader. Instead of reading about you, they’re reading about themselves (If they’re human, it’s most likely their favourite subject).

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