How to Stop Selling on Price and Start Winning on Value

Small businesses offer a special value to their customers and community. In addition to being a local source of expertise in their industry, they are also able to quickly adapt to the needs of their customers and offer them that personal touch. Competition is a necessary part of our economy and keeps you sharp and on your game but it can also cause business owners to feel they need to engage in a price war. In some sense, you’re always competing on price but you can overcome this by helping your customers realize the added value you offer.

This can be done by finding your customer’s dominant buying motive and appealing to their emotional reason for making a purchase. It takes practice to become comfortable with asking your customer’s “why” they’re interested, but if you can uncover their reasoning it will allow you to offer them a solution instead of selling them a product or service. It’s difficult to compare the value of having a solution to your problem to the price of a product but you can take a guess as to which the customer will choose. Obviously you can’t win them all and some customers will always haggle on price but if you can make yourself a resource to your customers then they will be more likely to return and spread the word.

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