5 Ways for Your Law Firm to Generate More Clients Through Online Marketing

When prospects search, compare and choose a lawyer online – your firm needs to stand out. Within moments of landing on your site, prospects are already judging your firm based on a number of factors – including design, content and navigation. Right or wrong, prospects will use their judgment to determine if they want to pursue your services – or move on to look at a different lawyer.

Create Regular Content

Consumers demand content. Those prospects who don’t have an immediate and dire legal need are probably perusing your site to learn what they can about you and your expertise. Giving them the right content to read in order to form a positive opinion about you and your firm goes a long way toward converting that prospect into a client. Depending on the purpose of a particular page, or piece of content, you may inject an element of story-telling for case studies or biographical info. It may also be a good idea to use custom photography to bring a personal element or create a particular tone within your content.

Increase Consumer Confidence

Instilling confidence in prospects is achieved in many ways when it comes to online marketing for your law firm. Considering the many reasons people search online for legal representation, you want to instill as much confidence as you can from the moment they land on your website. Meeting them with powerful imagery and messages that reassure them of your experience go a long way toward keeping them on your site – and eventually reaching out to contact you.

Maximize Your Availability

To help qualified prospects with an immediate legal need, you want at least one way to be contacted 24x7x365. For some lawyers, this means having their cell phone ring at, literally, all hours. For others, who want more separation from their work after-hours, this means having some sort of outsourced online chat service or phone triage available to deal with urgent inquiries.

Keep in mind that many prospects with an immediate need are likely to be in the worst moments of their lives and could be searching online from a local jail for the first lawyer they reach.

Focus on SEO/Findability

This goes along with the previous point. For those prospects who are in jail and using a search engine to find a lawyer, there is often little time to be choosy. They aren’t going to scroll through ten pages of search results to find a lawyer that meets their taste. Your firm must appear near the top of the rankings for your various keywords, and you need to have a local SEO presence to increase your online exposure.

Meet Visitors With Relevancy

Prospects searching for a criminal lawyer should, ideally, land on a page within your website that reflects your services as a lawyer. The same holds true for any other services you offer. This is typically done by generating landing pages for each service your firm offers.

Landing pages give prospects a page within your site on which to “land” based on the keywords they used. For example, a landing page dedicated to your criminal defense services should have its own page dedicated to criminal defense services – and nothing else. This kind of congruency builds trust and shows prospects that you value their time by giving them the specific information they are seeking

Online Marketing Helps Your Firm Get New Clients

When a lawyer or law firm makes it easy for prospects to find, engage and contact them online, there’s a greater chance for increased calls from the general public in need of legal services. For lawyers wanting to make the transition away from legal aid cases and into more lucrative work, better online marketing is often the key. The trick is to start now and build an online presence that delivers the most ROI. The advice in this post will help.

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