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The Brief

The best decisions are informed decisions, and that’s what Decision Partners does – delivers the information clients need to make the best decisions possible in an ever-changing business world. In the case of Decision Partners, clients and audiences include large, global corporations and government agencies that live and die on the unimpeded access to quality information.

Delivering this information to these diverse audiences required a specialized solution that allowed Decision Partners to manage and control content and deliver it in a way that made the most sense for the various audiences involved.

After searching for a company capable of handling their needs, Decision Partners chose Kone Marketing to organize and roll-out the company’s content in a way that was easy for Decision Partners’ audiences to find and digest. The site was designed and developed by Kone Marketing on a responsive framework, allowing Decision Partners’ visitors to access the site through just about any device and operating system.

Decision Partners also chose Kone Marketing to develop and integrate a dedicated information hierarchy to support automated case study generation that would keep Decision Partners’ website constantly updated with fresh, relevant content.

Now, Decision Partners can create share vital information with relevant audiences who need it – anywhere in the world.

Project Details

Decision Partners
Launch date:
September 20, 2012
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