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The Brief

Johanna Lynn is an Ottawa-based family constellation facilitator with a thriving hypnosis practice that provides a unique and much-needed service to her clients. As part of her business, Johanna offers workshops to the public and conducts sales and registration to all of her events online through her website.

When her workshops gained popularity, it took an increasing amount of Johanna’s time to manage the sales and ticketing. She hoped a web-based, automated process would be a logical solution to her problem. Ideally, the solution would allow her to create and manage the marketing, sales and ticketing of multiple events – freeing her precious time for other core business activities.

Johanna reached out to Kone Marketing who took the time to hear Johanna’s vision for her ticketing system and understand the unique aspects of her business and what she hoped to accomplish.

Kone Marketing then took Johanna’s vision and developed a web-based system that gives Johanna complete control over every aspect of her events – from creating single and repeating events to payment processing and delivery.

The ticketing system Kone Marketing designed and implemented allows Johanna to focus on building her business and her client base while spending less time managing the ticketing of her events. For visitors and buyers who come to Johanna’s site – they’re greeted with a functional system that works on just about any device and operating system. Now, Johanna can focus her time where she needs to while her web-based sales and ticketing system does the work of marketing, selling and distributing tickets.

Project Details

Johanna Lynn
Launch date:
June 2014
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