Kone Marketing's Work:
Each sell sheet is cut just a bit differently than the others so that each headline is readable as they're tucked inside a presentation folder.

Kone Marketing's Work:
Presentation folders laid out showing the back and front of the folder.

The Brief

Presentation Folder + Inserts

In the midst of updating their brand online, Leadwave commissioned a package of presentation folders, inserts and business cards to be used during trade shows and client meetings. The presentation folder and business cards were design to fit with the new brand direction. A total of 5 inserts were designed to be “staggered” in the pocket of the presentation folder so each headline was visible upon opening. Since the inserts speak to separate demographics and service categories, this design allows readers to browse the headlines and focus on the information that is most important to them.

Project Details

Leadwave Technologies
Launch date:
Technology Consultants
Business Card Flyers Presentation Folder Sell Sheets