Kone Marketing's Work:

The Brief

Tyson Rentals is an offshoot of an already established regional real estate rental company that caters to two very unique audiences: business executives and students. In the beginning, Brodylan White had one single brand that served both audiences. But, over time, it became clear to Brodylan that they needed to differentiate branding to appeal to each audience in a relevant way.

The company reached out to Kone Marketing to consult on how to differentiate branding for the two audiences and create customized messaging. After hearing what Brodylan’s goals were for the branding initiative, Kone Marketing got to work developing branding and messaging that met the demographic and psychographic needs of each group. Tyson Rentals was born.

For the student audience, Kone Marketing developed a young, hip brand that appealed to the younger demographic through copy and design that better-reflected the group.

For the executives, who typically rent a property on a short-term basis as part of a transition into a new position, the more sophisticated brand was used that appealed to their needs and expectations.

Thanks to the design and branding efforts of Kone Marketing, Tyson Rentals has zero overlap of the two audiences and two well-defined brands that connect with each intended group.

Project Details

Tyson Rentals
Launch date:
November 14, 2013
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