The 4 Biggest Mistakes We See In Dental Websites

If you’re not getting the results you want from your website, don’t blame the internet. You’re probably making a few of these simple mistakes that we frequently see in dental websites. Do a little housekeeping and you should see a … Continued

How to Reduce the Cost of Your Web Project

You can slice it any way you want, but the fact remains the same. The quality of a finished website directly correlates with the amount of time, talent and expertise that was invested in it. Fortunately, if you’re committed to … Continued

About that email you got promising search results…

So, you got an email or phone call from someone claiming they can get your business to the top of google search results for a paltry sum. You’re no SEO expert, but something just doesn’t feel right (probably because someone … Continued

In Brands We Trust

It’s no secret that consumers are willing to pay more for “name” brands, but studies have shown that recognizable brands can literally trigger neurological reactions that produce strong patterns of activity in the part of the brain associated with positive … Continued

Why You’re Going to Crush The Big Chains

Sprawling big box retailers and department stores will be facing a revolt from customer’s who will start turning to local businesses for their expertise and customer service. It’s a combination of factors that will influence buyers to make the switch. … Continued