The Twitter Tough Guys Are Coming

Some of the biggest and toughest athletes in the world will soon be tweeting for your affection. That’s because it was recently revealed that the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) will soon be offering it’s fighters cash incentives for interacting with fans through the social media platform Twitter. Even if your not a fan of the sport, the move reflects the importance social media can have on your own business.

The UFC understands that their target demographic is constantly online and that the best way to get their attention is to engage them on a personal level. The company has long used social media as a way of rewarding it’s fans with free tickets and even gauging interest in potential match-ups, but the latest move is a true sign of the company’s belief in the power of social media marketing.

Maybe most notable about the news is that the UFC’s stance is in stark contrast to other major sports leagues, most notable the NFL, who shun their athletes from using Twitter over fear of bad PR.

It should be be interesting to see if the investment pays off but it seems to be going well so far. The UFC’s popularity continues to surge at an incredible pace with their latest show packing a record breaking 55,000 fans into Toronto’s Roger’s Centre after taking over the downtown core for a 2 day “Fan Expo.”

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