Why You’re Going to Crush The Big Chains

Sprawling big box retailers and department stores will be facing a revolt from customer’s who will start turning to local businesses for their expertise and customer service.

It’s a combination of factors that will influence buyers to make the switch. As consumers become more conscious of their spending they will start paying greater consideration in deciding who deserves their dollars. A “one size fits all” solution won’t work and this is one of the areas that you, as a local expert, will have an advantage.

You’re better able understand the needs of your customers on a personal level and can give them confidence that they are making the right purchase because the product or service will solve their problem. By nature, you are more adaptable and able to accommodate these needs faster than larger competitors.

The final factor is the rapidly closing technology gap. Small businesses are able to compete with large conglomerates when it comes to getting the attention of local consumers. Now more than ever, small business owners have the ability to get their message out, and more importantly, to connect with the people buying their products on a personal level.

It won’t be a single business who leads the charge. Rather, it’ll be an army of small business owners who are willing to take advantage of the tools at their disposal to fight for the loyalty of their customers.

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